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    Creating a new listing is quick and easy in 2 steps!
  • Your listing name is what others will use to make quick decisions on whether they will explore your product! We're taught to not judge a book by it's cover, but in this case, the title (and the cover) will go a long way!
  • Your knowledge and information is many times related to a particular industry where you developed your experience. This helps others find your content that is most relevant to them, their career and how to get ahead.
  • Tagging helps others find your listing
  • This is your short introduction to grab your viewers attention and help them understand what's to come.
  • A great description of your listing is like the back cover of a book or what you see when you read the liner notes. Take your time here, but remember you can always tweak your listings to make them better over time.
  • Step 2: Images, Price and Save!
  • Now just add your files and remaining details

    This is where you get to add your files, set your price, add a note to buyers of your listing and choose if you will be publishing your listing to an affiliate on Anyhows.
  • Anything that you know you can list on Anyhows. Whether it’s a few short tips or a full eBook, there are professionals that can benefit from your knowledge. If you can think it, you can list it! We only ask that you do not post anybody else’s intellectual property or copyrighted material, and do not post any proprietary or confidential information.
  • Easiest way to set a price is ask yourself, what would you be willing or had been willing to pay for what I'm listing here? The most interested parties will be other professionals like you who will benefit so you're a pretty good sample size to set your initial price. That said, pricing your knowledge is sometimes the hardest thing to do. You will learn from other postings and your own experience how to manage pricing.
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  • Choose where this listing should be displayed in your catalog. The listing will always be accessible directly.
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