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The Sharks couldn’t rip Aaron Tweedie’s Man-Pack, but they ripped him a new one about his valuation. The Sharks saw the value of Dr. Rob Yonover’s See/Rescue Streamer, but not the mass appeal. Both entrepreneurs survived and now thrive after swimming with the Sharks.

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Aaron and Rob discussed some of the biggest entrepreneurial questions about how to MOVE your business…
From Idea to Invention
From Prototype to Product
From Product to Business with E-commerce, International Trade, and Crowdfunding


MEET AARON TWEEDIE, Man-Pack Inventor and Shark Tank Survivor
Even after a successful Kickstarter campaign, Man-Pack Inventor Aaron Tweedie was told by four Sharks that his valuation was too high. He survived his Shark Tank swim and here’s how he’s proved the Sharks wrong…
Grew the Man-Pack company valuation to far exceed his “overvalued” Shark Tank numbers
Finished a second successful crowdfunding campaign
Managed the 2500% sales increase online in the first 3 days after Shark Tank
Invented and launched a new Solar-Powered Backpack product.


MEET DR. ROB YONOVER, Serial Inventor and Shark Tank Survivor
The Sharks admired the See/Rescue Streamer and its inventor, Dr. Rob Yonover, but didn’t see mass market potential. As a serial inventor and holder of many patents, Rob is too busy to worry about Shark Tank rejection:
– He’s still fulfilling See/Rescue Streamer orders from the “Shark Tank Sales Surge”
– Finished a book in his “hardcore survival” series, which will be published in Spring, 2017
– Invented, patented and built a water bicycle
– Teaches inventors of all ages how to Protect, Promote, and Profit from their ideas

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