Transforming Training Delivery at Accenture with DevOps

Presented by Eduardo Garcia, Accenture

DeveloperWeek New York 2017
June 20, 2017

Product Description

Think DevOps is only applicable for software engineering? Wrong! Turns out that you can use many DevOps tools and concepts for pretty much anything delivery related. Still don’t believe me? Then come hear how we used AWS and Jenkins to automate and significantly reduce the time involved in creating and provisioning server environments for a major training program at Accenutre. We also used Windows To Go to create portable pre-configured developer workstations that are used during the training, ensuring a consistent learning experience for participants. In addition, we leveraged JIRA and Kanban to develop training materials in an iterative way, significantly reducing the time to launch a new training course. We also used JIRA to manage the logistics involved in setting up and running our training sessions.

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