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Top 10 Audit Findings and What to Avoid

Despite best efforts, the same audit findings challenge most recipients and programs year after year. How can you avoid findings? Learn to recognize the usual suspects and what to do about them.

Product Description

Your next audit is just around the corner. You’ll need to be mindful of the uniform guidance requirements, the annual compliance supplement, program statutes and federal agency regulations, as well as state and local regulations. Federal agencies, auditors and auditees have a lot to monitor and even more to manage. Despite best efforts, it seems the same audit findings habitually create challenges year after year among most recipients and programs. How can you better prepare and avoid findings? What are the consequences of noncompliance? What are the differences between unintentional acts such as improper payments and intentional acts such as fraud, waste, and abuse, and how should they be resolved or handled? What if an audit finding was not accurate? Should a nonfederal entity appeal or dispute a finding and what options are available? Learn to recognize the usual suspects and what to do about them.  

GPC Competencies Addressed:
Strategies for effective program and project design and development
Post-award grant management practices sufficient to inform effective grant design and development
Methods and strategies that cultivate and maintain relationships between fund-seeking and recipient organizations and funders
Practices and services that raise the level of professionalism of grant developers

Karen Norris is nationally recognized in the grants community as a consultant and Subject Matter Expert for k4rnoco, a K4ren Norris Company in Gaithersburg, MD. She has more than 20 years experience, previously as a grants administrator for educational institutions and as an author and editor for national grants publications. Norris has served on the Board of Directors of professional associations and advisory boards. She is a recognized speaker and trainer, and has served as a federal reviewer.

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