Secrets Of Building High-Performance Cross-Platform Apps

Presented by Yuriy Luchaninov, MobiDev

DeveloperWeek New York 2017
June 21, 2017

Product Description

How can one combine visual richness and high performance in cross-platform software? Can it be combined at all? Well, if youknow the specifics of performance optimization, the platform and the processes, it becomes much easier to succeed.Meanwhile product owners always face the crucial choice of technologies for their projects. This report will help them comeup with the answer.•Why the cross-platform can be a perfect solution for product owners•Overview of modern technologies and frameworks•How to boost the performance of cross-platform software•Typical mistakes and the most appropriate solutionsThe report is accompanied by examples, solutions, and helpful tips. Cross-platform development for desktop and mobile hasbeen one of the most helpful “magic pills” for product owners over the recent years. New advances and technologies make iteven more attractive – and we are going to show why.

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