Re-Igniting the Art of Creativity in Media

Presented by: John Moore

iMedia Agency Summit
New Orleans, LA
October 2-4, 2017

Product Description

In a programmatic world, media buying is increasingly being approached as a scientific formula – an equation with a defined answer to be calculated. Without a doubt, marketing is becoming an industry where the left-brained analysts of the world thrive. But at what cost? As technology enables consumers to throw out, screen out, and tune out unwanted messaging, are we training young media professionals to create content that consumers seek out and talk about? Is our industry at risk of losing the art and creativity involved in media at a time when it’s more important than ever?

John Moore, global president of Mediahub, will discuss the agency’s unique creativity-driven approach to media, along with strategies and examples of media work that are being embraced by consumers and driving business results. Moore will talk about work from clients like Netflix, Royal Caribbean, JetBlue, and Patron.

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