Ransomware: What is it and How do I Respond? – Jay Spreitzer – Cyber Security Summit 2016

Jay Spreitzer has over 18 years information security experience. Over the last 10 years as a senior member of a cyber intelligence team at Wells Fargo. Prior to joining Wells Fargo Jay retired from the US Army, after 23 years of service working in various technology and information security roles. He holds a Masters in Information Assurance and Security as well as multiple computer security certifications.

Product Description

Ransomware: What is it and How do I Respond?

What is ransomware?
The first known ransomwares and its evolution
Fake Anti-Virus and Scareware
The way ransomware/crypto-ransomware works
Malware Family Variants Timeline
Lockscreen ransomware
The marked shift from scareware to crypto-ransomware
File encryption and deletion ransomware
And more…

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