OPEN TALK: Propel Your Apps to the Next Level with A.I.

Presented by: Allen Kim, Steve Shaffer

DeveloperWeek 2018
SF Bay Area
February 3-7. 2018

Product Description

The explosion of narrowly focused, highly specialized cognitive engines combined with ever increasing sources of data presents an incredible opportunity for application developers to provide unique, innovative experiences and utility to customers.
 Yet a fragmented AI landscape presents a heavy burden for developers to leverage the full breadth of the technology in AI-powered applications.
 Harness the full power of AI and propel your applications further with The Operating System for AI. Utilize a self-service environment and resource library built for developers to simply integrate via GraphQL API interface, tapping into an open ecosystem of over 150 cognitive engines across 14 different AI cognitive categories.
Learn more about the business opportunity for AI applications and how to take an AI-powered application quickly to market.

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