Cutting The Cord – The New Breed of Wireless Presentation Systems (Video and PDF)

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VGA, HDMI, DisplayPort—searching for the right connector in a conference room has always been a daunting task. End users demanded an easier way, and manufacturers responded with wireless connections—but not all were compatible with all devices. In addition, some videoconferencing platforms now offer their own wireless connection systems, which can be as simple as joining the meeting from your device. All of these wireless connectivity products offer convenience, but some also represent security risks. This panel discussion will explore the history of wireless collaboration and the various options available, along with their pros and cons.

John Antanaitis, ATeam6
Neta Lempert, Kramer Electronics USA, Inc.
Dave Buchholz, Intel
Wayne Driggers, Zoom Video Communications, Inc.
Amy Barzdukas, Polycom, Inc.
Ted Colton, Crestron

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