APIs and Apps: The Building Blocks of Advanced Productivity (PDF)

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Unified communication solutions were originally designed to help your teams share information. Today, they’re often an element of increasingly larger and more complicated suites of productivity tools. Unfortunately, workers can find themselves overwhelmed and bouncing between the various platforms needed to perform their daily tasks. With this in mind, users are turning to solutions that offer elevated integrations and support for complementary applications.

While API integrations may seem to be merely a convenience, they can actually be major productivity boosters. Many leading vendors in our industry are jumping on board. For example, Slack is well known for its countless app integrations. These include a wide range of business processes, such as accounting, project management, and marketing. For instance, the ability for your sales team to access Salesforce data from within your Slack channel could be very powerful. Cisco, another top vendor, has acknowledged the power of integrations by creating a $150 million fund for developers. In this session, we’ll examine some powerful examples of these integrations and discuss what types of APIs you should look for in your UC choice.

-Learn about what API integrations are and how they can differentiate your offerings
-Discuss the various kinds of integrations the leading industry vendors are offering
-Discover some powerful examples of integrations and how they can advance the collaborative experience

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David Maldow, Let’s Do Video

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