Beyond the Discussion Board: How Can I Engage Online Students?

Learn how to overcome common challenges of discussion boards. Examine other options for engagement in your learning management system (LMS) and engaging students outside of the online classroom.

Product Description

This presentation explores how to overcome common challenges of discussion boards. You see how to frame questions and topics that invite discussion, as well as an improved way to generate posts that make discussion boards livelier.

Drawing from the principles of Universal Design for Learning, the program reveals options other than discussion boards that ignite online participation. You get strategic ways for students to take greater initiative in dealing with the coursework and with their fellow students through group or individual activities.

Stephanie Delaney, JD, PhD, the dean of extended learning at Seattle Central College, shares examples from teaching her own students to demonstrate how these ideas can work in an actual online classroom.

The ideas presented in this video can improve the engagement and retention rate of students, appeal to adult learners, and even make grading more interesting for instructors.

After watching this video, you will be able to:
• Identify challenges of the traditional discussion board
• Assess features in an LMS for engagement potential
• Identify three options for student engagement that are appropriate for almost any class

Presenter: Stephanie Delaney, JD, PhD

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