An Overview of Cardiovascular Disease, Dental Considerations and Patient Care

Presented by:
Thomas Viola RPh, CCP, PhRS

94th Annual Conference
June 14-19, 2017
Jacksonville, FL

Product Description

Cardiovascular disease is one of the major diseases affecting adults in the U.S. While mortality from heart disease has declined steadily recently, hospital admissions related to cardiovascular disease are on the rise, due, in part, to our aging population. In essence, more patients are living longer lives, only to develop heart failure in their advancing years. Hypertension remains one of the major risk factors for heart failure in both men and women. It is often asymptomatic and many times may only be at a routine check-up with their medical or dental professional. This program will provide participants with an overview of cardiovascular systemic diseases and the medications used in their treatment. Specific emphasis will be placed on recommended dental treatment modifications for these special patients.

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