Agile Scaling Frameworks and their Eco-System – Boon or Bane?

Presented by Naresh Jain,Founder,

Jutta Eckstein,Coach, Consultant, Trainer

Scott Ambler,Enterprise Agile Transformation Coach
Scott Ambler + Associates

Bas Vodde,Consultant, Speaker, Trainer, Odd-e

Kurt Bittner,VPEnterprise Solutions,

Jez Humble,Owner,Jez Humble & Associates LLC

Chris James,President & COO,Scaled Agile
Agile India 2019
8 – 12 March 2017
Gardenia, Bengaluru
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Product Description

Over the last few years, as agile has gained traction inside the enterprises, we’ve seen many scaling frameworks have sprung up. These scaling frameworks claim to retain the core agile values & principles and aim to provide a simple yet comprehensive way to scale agility across the organisation. There have been several success case-studies that have been published. We also hear and see many horror stories of failed scaling attempts.

In this panel, let’s have a critical view of the entire scaling framework ecosystem.

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