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Sara Jones
DevNetwork, Head of Operations

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“The ease and flexibility of the Anyhows platform allows us to easily collect, manage, and distribute the vast amount of materials from our conferences, saving us time, energy and resources. Anyhows also helps us collect feedback from our attendees about our conferences and programming, providing invaluable insight and data that will inform future events.”


David Danto
IMCCA, Director of Emerging Technology

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“Our educational sessions and detailed content are extremely engaging and presented by expert thought leaders in the industry. We are thrilled that Anyhows captured these presentations and allows those interested to easily access this content at no cost – for the good of everyone in the industry.”


Katharine Panessidi
Comexposium, VP, Content & Programming

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Anyhows streamlines the entire process of managing our presentations, from submittal to distribution. It has saved us a lot of time and confusion during what’s normally a very hectic pre-event time. We’re also able to respond to requests for presentations much quicker after an event which improves the entire experience for our attendees.”

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Get organized!

Anyhows facilitates presentation collection, distribution and the archiving process for conference coordinators to streamline operations and meet their attendees needs to get great presentations, fast!

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Anyhows allows conference speakers to easily submit their presentations to the conferences or events they are speaking at as well as share their expertise, know-how and unique skills with others.

New revenue streams

We give every author or conference organizer the opportunity to share your knowledge for free… or for whatever price you decide is fair.

Easy to use

Easy to use and incredibly powerful platform for managing your presentations, sending to AV resources, users and marketing your materials before and after your conference.

Robust reporting

Every organizer is provided robust reporting and analytic tools to help build their marketing database, showcase their conference, generate qualified leads and new revenue.

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It’s our hope and vision that Anyhows becomes the digital village where professionals and experts can come to find, buy, and learn from each other.